The rapid development in means of communication has increased requirements for telecoms infrastructures, with customers requiring faster speeds and greater reliability to satisfy their insatiable demand for connectivity, it has never been an option to reduce investment in the network.

Access and continuous reliable power supply are a major challenge for owner operators and, tower management companies. There are telco infrastructures, particularly those in remote, hard-to reach areas that don’t always have an electricity supply network.

ATLAS NRG embraces the challenge, offering reliable technical solutions appropriate to the special requirements of booster stations and tailoring to particular geographical features.  Atlas generating sets are capable of supplying emergency or continuous power ensuring a low operating cost: long maintenance intervals, low fuel consumption, innovative engineering solutions, and simple remote access with special unique features

ATLAS NRG has focused on 4 main product families for the telecom sector, built around real world load requirements of tower management and mobile operating companies.

Solutions based for both AC and DC outputs, depending on BTS requirements and operating in any geographical conditions, with optimized products for On Grid, Off Grid and bad grid sites

Variable speed

A variable speed genset is an engine driven electrical power generating system that uses technology to control engine speed to provide performance enhancement, fuel savings, reduced emissions and noise reduction while providing power to the load at a specified voltage and frequency.

Advantages of Variable speed Vs Standard diesel fixed speed units:

  • Average fuel savings of 50%
  • Reduced emissions as fuel is burned more cleanly
  • Reduced noise and vibrations >6dB in respect to normal standard diesel gensets
  • Decreased engine wear
  • Time to overhaul can be doubled
  • Optimum engine sizing: engine can be sized according to average load requirement, with peak loads supplied from electrical energy storage units