Customised Solutions

ATLAS NRG also offers special power solutions, such as soundproofed 20 ‘, 40’ and High Cube containers, customized energy production systems in such a way, to fit customer’s specific requirements.

Regarding the Containers, ATLAS NRG offers the customer a perfect solution for when a heavy generator has to be moved frequently from a place to another. The dimensions of a 20ft, 40ft and a High Cube Container are ideal for this purpose.

The ATLAS NRG Hybrid Systems can work with solar panels or wind power, and if the client prefers, with the two energies at the same time. With it we save on fuel consumption and, above all, we help preserving the environment.

Concerning the Generating Sets, we can offer super soundproofed sets using 80mm thermo acoustics isolation, the possibility of extending the fuel tank capacity up to 3,000 Liters depending on the size of the equipment, choice of chassis color, etc.