Marine Gensets for floating vessels

From providing marine Generating sets to power ships to the installation of power generation in offshore facilities, our engineering team have developed systems to provide solutions for different applications in any conditions, no matter the size or complexity.

Our marine Generating sets can be used both at port and sea. They are designed to operate in the harsh specific conditions in the marine world, high levels of humidity and the highly corrosive environment. Always adhering to the different authorities stringent regulations on emissions control, sound levels and OSHA safety.

Our standard marine generators for port applications are available in Dual mode at 50hz and 60hz, switchable, to cater to vessels from any region in the world.

Reliable and Compliant marine Gensets

ATLAS NRG marine Generating sets are designed and manufactured with a focus on the materials used, from light weight stainless steel and specialty coated panels, to specialized rubbers and fibers, sealing the compartments, allowing us to protect the high performing components, and ensure the highest performance for the longest time.

This makes the soundproofed enclosures designed by ATLAS NRG a real stand out feature, with the highest level protection, lowest sound levels, yet still allowing for easy access to the engine for maintenance work and a versatile set up and configuration.